HPDS Corporation tends to provide a variety of products to cover a wide spectrum of costumer needs. Many services of datacenters and IT corporations (banking services for example) mandate very high speed and processing power. SAB-All-Flash product is now on the market to provide ultra-fast data storage and processing. This product is currently our best solution for applications with very high performance needs.

They key feature of SAB-All-Flash product is its extraordinary ability in processing and storing random data by throughput of 100,000 IOPS. As this product employs SSDs rather than HDDs, its storage capacity is comparably lower than other products, 72TB that is extendable to 144TB using JBOD. This product supports all RAID configurations and communication protocols such as Fiber Channel (FC), iSCSI, and InfiniBand.

This product is highly scalable in storage capacity, number of connection ports, and number of disks. SAB-All-Flash supports online hardware/software upgrade, imposing no service downtime during upgrade process, offering 99.999% availability.

An exclusive GUI is enabling administration, configuration, and continuous monitoring of SAB-ALL-FLASH. Using this GUI, the operator can choose the best configuration depending on the workload and application of storage system, attain real-time system logs, and verify the operation of disks.

The hardware modules used in SAB-ALL-FLASH are entirely tested and verified by HPDS specialists, using standard test devices and methods.

SAB-ALL-FLASH is certified by different organizations such as Research Institute for Information and Communication Technology, Sharif University of Technology, and Iran Information Technology Organization (ITO). This product is currently commercialized and installed in many corporations, banks, and government, and private organizations and institutes.

SAB-All-Flash is capable of providing an ultra-high storage and processing speed. The specification of SAB-All-Flash SAN storage is as follows:

Specification Value
Min/Max SFF Drive 4/72
Min/Max LFF Drive 4/72
On-Node Cache 32GB
Total Cache Up to 8 TB
Two-Level Caching Yes
2/4/8 Gb/s FC Max Ports per Array Up to 10
1 Gb iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array Up to 10
10 Gb iSCSI Max Total Ports per Array Up to 10
Disk Array Enclosure Support Yes
Controller nodes 12 Gb SAS
Storage Configuration
Drive Enclosure 25*2.5- SAS/Flash Drive
15*3.5- SAS/Flash Drives
Max Raw Capacity Up to 500 TB
Capacity in Disk Array Enclosure UP to 144TB
Drive Type Support 100 GB 6G SFF SLC SAS Solid State Drive
200 GB 6G SFF SLC SAS Solid State Drive
400 GB 6G SFF SLC SAS Solid State Drive
Input/output per second (IOPS) +300,000
Maximum Initiators Supported 1024
Max Number of Pools 1000
Max Pool LUNs 2048
Max LUN Size 256 TB
Disk Array Enclosure Support 4U
Drive Quantity 36
Disk Support HDD/SSD Flash
Disk Protocol Support SAS/SATA/NL-SAS
RAID Options 0/1/10/5/6/50/60
Max total Ports per Array 10
Built-in 1GbE Ports 2-4
Drive Types Supported SSD Flash
Drive Form Factor 2.5”/3.5”
Number of Controller Nodes 1
Host Interface - 8 Gbs FC (4) Ports
- Option to add (4) FC Ports or (2) 10 GbE iSCSI Ports
Power Consumption 870 Watts
Powers configuration(Single/Dual) Dual
Form Factor 4U
Weight (Kg) --
Minimum Dimensions (W x D x H) 19” * 17.8” * 7” in
Width (cm) 19”
Height (cm) 7”
Depth (cm) 17.8”
Operating Environment
OS Support Win/Unix/Linux/ESXi
Interface SAB User Interface
What’s Included
Guarantee-year(s) (Warranty/Support) 3
Part Number
Product Name Part Number
High Performance

The most important metrics for measuring the performance of data storage systems are as follows:

  • Response Time

Response time, usually reported in milliseconds (ms), is defined as the aggregation of time a request sent to SAN storage, queued, and finally served and responded. SAB-All-Flash provides a very low response time by optimized storage algorithms and efficient SSD use. One of the important approaches for decreasing response time is RapidStore product that can improve the performance by 2X to 10X.

  • Throughput

Throughput refers to the number of transactions per second, known as IOPS that stands for the number of IO operations the storage system can accomplish in one second. IOPS directly depends on the response time. SAB-All-Flash is providing IOPS of 100,000.

Compatibility with a Big Spectrum of Workloads

One of the features of SAB-All-Flash storage system is compatibility with a big spectrum of workloads. Workloads depend on the type of user data and can be characterized by the request type (read/write), request size, request inter-arrival time, and randomness. We can classify the workloads as follows:

  • OLTP

    Workloads with small request size and large number of requests (for example bank requests)

    • Transaction Processing
    • e-Commerce
  • Business Intelligence
    • Data Warehousing
    • PLAP
  • HPC
    • Scientific Computing
    • Imaging
  • Web
    • Audio
    • Video
High Availability

Continuous service, without performance loss, is of major concerns of storage system users. Failure of each storage component such as connection links (Fiber cables, networks…) and disks can result in data unavailability. SAB-All-Flash uses a combination of fault tolerance mechanisms such as RAID and hardware redundancy to assure the highest level of availability.

  • No single point of failure

    Using hardware redundancy we remove almost all single point of failures to assure highest availability.

  • 0.99999 Availability

    Using fault tolerance mechanisms, SAB-All-Flash service downtime is less than 5 minutes per year.

Compatibility with a Variety of High-Security Platform

SAB-All-Flash is supporting most of high-security platforms as follows:

  • VMWare
  • Xen
  • Hyper-V
Scalable in Capacity and Performance

SAB-All-Flash is designed for scalability in different storage components, removing the need of purchasing new storage systems by increasing the storage needs. This high level of scalability increases the system life-cycle and seriously decreases Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). SAB-All-Flash is scalable in two following aspects:

  • Storage Capacity

    Possible by using larger capacity disks

  • Number of disks

    Possible by increasing the number of disk arrays using JBOD

Instant Copy and Snapshot

Of the facilities of SAB-All-Flash data storage system are Instant Copy and Snapshotting.

  • Instant Copy

    Instant Copy can instantly copy a huge amount of data (up to hundreds of Terabytes) in the same storage system.

  • Remote Mirroring

Despite Instant Copy that saves the copy in the same storage system, Remote Mirroring can store a second copy (mirror) of data in distant storages (the distance can be from a few meters to thousands of kilometers). As the instant copy stores the copy inside the same storage system, it cannot help in events such as unintentional remove of system files, hardware failures, disasters, and terrorist attacks. Remote Mirroring, however, can handle such events and disasters and prevent data loss, as it stores the copy in another distant storage system, using high-speed networks.

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