Collaborating Labs

Activities in DSN Lab
  • Design and implementation of high-speed storage subsystems in storage systems
  • Design and implementation of data-tiering system
  • Design of mid-range storage systems
  • Reliability and availability analysis of data storage systems
  • Design and implementation of a storage system simulator
  • Evaluation and study of the features and specifications of mid-range data storage systems
  • Qualitative and quantitative analysis of storage design parameters such as performance and reliability
  • Designing storage system microarchitecture based on quantitative analysis
  • Analysis and study of storage protocols such as NFS, Fiber Channel, iSCSI, and SCSI
  • Study and analysis of the storage products from leading manufacturers
  • Designing storage test-bench and testbeds for response time, throughput, reliability, and availability
Research Fields
Data Storage Systems and Solid-State Drives
  • Design, Performance, and Architecture of Solid-State Drives (SSDs)
  • Data Tiering in Data Storage Systems
  • Data Tiering in Storage Servers and High-Performance Computing
  • Prefetching Techniques in Data Storage Systems
  • Power Management in Data Storage Systems
  • I/O Scheduler Design for SSDs
  • Availability Modeling of Enterprise Storage Systems
  • Vulnerability Modeling of SSDs
  • Performance Evaluation of Erasure Codes in SSDs
Reconfigurable Computing
  • Non-Volatile Reconfigurable Devices
  • Routing Architectures in RC Devices
  • Heterogeneous Architectures in RC Devices
  • Dependable RC Architectures
Data Storage, Network and Processing (DSN) Laboratory

Digital Media Lab (DML) is founded in 2001 by Prof. Hamid R. Rabiee in Computer Engineering Department of Sharif University of Technology. DML is a leading laboratory with valuable contributions in machine learning, image and video processing, and multimedia networks and system. Regarding Iran’s domestic scientific and practical requirements, DML laboratory have graduated many distinguished students and have contributed the edge of science, as well as domestic industry. Over 200 research and practical papers are published in celebrated journals and conferences, and over eight PhD student, 100 MSc students, and 200 BSc students have been graduated from DML.

Motivations of founding DML
  • Providing an ideal environment for breeding of the students and members
  • Outstanding teamwork
  • Purposeful and effective research
  • Research focus on the problems of domestic industry
Future view
  • Role as the leading laboratory in machine learning, image and video processing, bioinformatics, and multimedia systems
    • With focus on the domestic requirements
    • Educating professional human resources with outstanding responsibility, discipline, ethics, and performance.
  • Providing an ideal environment for research and education
  • Contributing domestic science
  • Educating professional human resources
  • Management and administration of industrial projects
Digital Media Lab
Contact Info
Unit 11,Eastern Part 1,Fatemi Dead End,Habibzadegan St.,Teymouri Square,Tehran,Iran
+98 (21) 66029164